Our Alumni

MCAP Academies all share a similar philosophy in their relationships with their alumni. Even after graduation, we work to connect them with career opportunities and further education/training programs. Additionally, Alumni work to support the academies in various ways by forming Alumni Groups with an elected Leadership Teams, which meet regularly. Alumni Groups focus on disseminating new opportunities for other graduates, fundraising activities for their academies, mentoring current students, and even coming together to do independent projects in their communities.

Our program works to support youth through learning and skill building allowing them to play a role in developing their local communities. We recognize that there are many different ways an individual can support their communities, therefore MCAP Academies focus on the following goals for our graduates. We hope that upon graduation of alumni will work towards:

  1. Becoming local resource persons in existing local and/or international community development organizations/agencies and local government offices.
  2. Serving as teachers either in government schools or in non-formal education.
  3. Initiating and coordinating their own capacity building programs/organizations in their community.
  4. Seeking and achieving higher education or training/professional development opportunities.

We currently have approximately 80 alumni that have gone through the program and are now bringing much needed capacity to their local communities, whether that be in healthcare, education, environmental conservation, human rights, gender equality, or economic empowerment.

Below, meet some of our amazing alumni and read about the great work they’re doing to support with communities.