Our Academy Partners

The MCAP Network currently consists of the three founding academies:

PTA logo
Pinnya Tagar Academy (PTA) Myitkyina, Kachin State
LUA logo
Level Up Academy (LUA) Loikaw, Kayah State
EGG logo
Education Gathering Group (EGG): Tounge La’ Yat Academy Hpa-an, Karen State

The MCAP Academy Network shares in common their mission, vision, goals, organization structures, curriculum, policies and procedures, and methods of monitoring their programs. However, it’s important that each academy is reflective of their community’s particular context and needs. Therefore, each program has added activities, supplemental curriculum, projects, and local guest speakers and trainers in order to assure their students have a strong understanding of the issues their particular community is facing.



Despite working in different locations and contexts, Academy Staff and Teachers across the network often come together to make decisions that pertain to all of programs. These discussions are often facilitated by MCAP Central Program, who organizes annual Teacher Training & Curriculum Workshops, as well as Principal Meetings, where we come together to examine our overall strategy, how to strengthen our vision and activities, and make key decision on range of topics.

In addition to our Program Staff, MCAP Central Program also connects our Alumni. In June 2015, we will hold our first MCAP Alumni Conference, bringing together leaders from each location so that they can share their group activities, experiences, and the challenges they are facing as young community leaders.


MCAP Central Program also connects our current students, through our annual MCAP Student Exchange Program. Each academy sends 4 students (2 to each) to another academy and in turn, hosts 4 exchange students for a period of 5 weeks. This experience To allow students to learn and apply their knowledge in a different context, improve their interpersonal skills, and also exposes students to different approaches to learning and living in the academy, so that they may carry the strong practices and integrate them into their home programs.

To learn more about the Academy Principals and Teachers implementing the MCAP model, explore our ABOUT US page and check out the videos below!

Level Up Academy – Loikaw, Kayah State

Pinnya Tagar Academy – Myitkyina, Kachin State

Tounge La’ Yat Education Gathering Group – Hpa-an, Karen State