A Brief History of MCAP

A brief history of MCAP.
A brief history of MCAP.

A brief history of MCAP

In 2010, Thabyay Education Foundation (TEF), initiated a country-wide extensive mapping process in order to determine possible locations to open academies and potential partners in each area. Through a series of trainings, workshops, and proposal submission the strongest groups were selected to open the first MCAP academies. These groups are responsible for founding the following academies.

  • Pinnya Tagar Academy – Myitkyina, Kachin State
  • Level Up Academy – Loikaw, Kayah State
  • Tounge La’ Yat, Education Gathering Group – Hpa-an, Karen State

Once selected, each team came together for a Program Design Training facilitated by MCAP Central Program. In this training, with facilitation and support from MCAP, our mission, goals, objectives, and values were defined. Program Staff for these chosen partners were officially decided upon and hired in September 2011. Following this, they were able to access the first MCAP Teacher Training which lasted from December 2011 until March 2012. Having successfully gone through the preparation stages, all three Academies opened in May of 2012, with approximately 30 students in each.

Since then we have celebrated the graduation of our 1st Batch of students in all three academies in October 2013 and accepted our 2nd in January 2014. After two years of demonstrated success and with our alumni already working in meaningful positions in their communities, it was decided that rather than recruiting every two years, we were ready to accept students annually. With this, we are now able to continue to widen our impact. In January 2015, we accepted our 3rd Batch of students. With this, each academy now has approximately 60-70 simultaneously enrolled in their programs.

Student graduation - MCAP
Student graduation – MCAP

This July 2015 will also bring our first ever Community Internship Program. Students in their final semester will intern in local organizations, offices, schools, and I/NGOs for 3 months where they will be able to practice their learned skills and apply knowledge gained in the academies. This experience will also serve as an excellent foundation as they transition from their academic lives to their professional ones.

With our three founding academies operating with strength and confidence in their communities, MCAP Central Program is now looking into opening programs in other areas throughout Myanmar. With a wider network, we hope to reach more innovative educators, motivated youth, and communities in need of agents of positive change. If you are such an educator, have goals and vision in line with ours, and think your community needs an MCAP Academy, go to Becoming an MCAP Academy Partner to find out more.