MCAP designs curriculum and materials to meet the unique needs of learners from communities around Myanmar. Interwoven in the materials are our foundational values of responsibility, respect, cooperation, participation and equality. Throughout the program, students encounter ample opportunity to reflect on what these values mean for them and how they can use them for the benefit of the community. Through classroom and structured community experiences students will build leadership and interpersonal skills, they will gain new knowledge of their own community and the world, and use learnt skills to plan and implement service projects with local community partners.

While studying in the program, students will complete 3 semesters of academic courses (18 months) + 1 semester for our Community Internship Program (6 months). Courses taught fall into broad content categories of English, Social Science, Community Development, Numeracy, IT, and Life & Learning Skills. Our courses aim to build subject knowledge, relevant skills and personal capacities. Students begin the program at a basic level of English and are expected to graduate functioning at an intermediate level. Each semester builds from the previous while students explore their relationship to their community, their region and the world. Much of the technical support for our curriculum development and resources and been provided by both Mote Oo Education and Thabyay Education Foundation’s (TEF), Educasia.


Our curricular framework was designed so that there is a balance between core and contextualized materials. All of our courses have standardized core materials, benchmarks, and methods of assessment for measuring progress, however, each course leaves time for teachers to be able to integrate in supplemental materials depending on the needs/interests of their students, their own experience/background, or the local context of the academy. We feel this balance is important in order to assure our curriculum is meeting program standards, but that it is also relevant.