Becoming an MCAP Student


Each year, MCAP Academies conduct entrance testing and interviews for the next batch. When each selection team is deciding, they keep in mind goals to have a diverse student body of different religions, ethnicities, locations, and background. They also have a strong desire to maintain as much of a gender balance, as possible.

When considering whether or not a student is a strong candidate for acceptance, we look at the following requirements:

  • At least 16 years of age (no maximum age limit, although our students are typically under the age of 30).
  • At least a High School Certificate (some academies are flexible).
  • At least at a pre-beginner level of English Language.
  • Can commit to two years of study.
  • Possess the following qualities: motivation to learn, commitment to community work, interest in diversity, interest in student activities and an interest in service-learning.

The Application & Admissions Process


The recruitment process typically begins in the months of September and August. The promotion phase occurs in the months of September to October, where staff and alumni travel around their states, providing local communities information about our programs. During these visits, they will also supply the program application and explain the overall process.

Our application & admissions process has two parts and occur in the months of November-December:

  1. Entrance (English Language Skills + Critical Thinking.
  2. Face-to-face Interview.

Once they’ve completed the Testing/Interview Phases, each academy meets as a team, with advice from the Academy Committee, to discuss and select the next student body. Academies will usually select 30-40 students for each batch. Applicants are typically informed mid-December of their status for January program start dates.

If you’re interested in applying and are from Kachin, Karen, or Kayah State (or close to the borders), then you are encouraged to email or call the academies using the following contact information:

Tounge La’ Yat, EGG – Hpa-an, Karen State
[email protected]

Pinnya Tagar Academy – Myitkyina, Kachin State
[email protected]

Level Up Academy – Loikaw, Kayah State
[email protected]

At the moment, we have two batches of approximately 190 full-time students studying in our 3 different locations. Below represents the overall ethnic and gender breakdown of the network.

Ethnic breakdown image
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Gender breakdown image