Who we are and what we do

The Myanmar Community Academies Program, or MCAP, is made up of two layers. The first is our MCAP Central Program, which is located in Yangon. We work in partnership with the second layer, consisting of our network of three, community-based academies in Hpa-an, Loikaw and Myitkyina.

The MCAP Central Program supports our partner academies to implement values-based education programs in their local communities. We do so through providing capacity building and technical support across a range of areas, such as visioning, curriculum, training, monitoring and evaluation. MCAP works to ensure that our academies continue to grow and strengthen, but with shared vision and goals. Our hopes are that they continually work towards understanding the changes in needs of our beneficiaries and communities, so that we can remain quality and relevant education providers.

Our Academies in turn use this capacity and extend it to youth from diverse ethnic and religious groups who join their programs for a 2-year intensive course of study. These motivated youth study in the academies to enhance their capacity to analyse local issues, increase their ability to formulate creative strategies to make positive change, and to make connections with groups where they can initiate community development projects. We empower our students with knowledge through methods that make them more confident and independent learners, both in and outside of classroom. Our methods are student-centered, emphasizing reflection, critical thought, and hands-on learning.

Through this, we hope that our alumni invigorate local communities, who are in dire need of strong young people who have the knowledge, skills, and drive to make positive change.


To support Myanmar youth, who have the potential to be actively engaged and who represent a diverse range of backgrounds, to develop the skills and abilities they need to make a positive change in their local communities. Read more ►

The MCAP Network

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Our Beneficiaries

Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and location. Find out about what kind of student we’re looking and how you can apply! Also, check out what some of our amazing alumni have been up to since graduating. Read more ►